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How to Protect Your Personal Cyber Security

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As technology becomes more complex, increasingly applicable to real-life situations, and more widely available and affordable, the world, in theory, becomes a better place, aided by the many benefits of technological devices and the Internet. While technology does, in fact, have a number of benefits, personal cyber security increasingly becomes a problem. When computers and Internet connections improve, so do cyber criminals' methods of attack.


The aggregate cost of organizational and personal cyber security breaches skyrocketed fourfold to anywhere from $400,000,000,000 to $5,000,000,000 - that's billions, by the way. In 2021, costs are anticipated to balloon upwards of $6 trillion per annum - $6,000,000,000,000. Personal cyber security isn't the only issue, as threat to healthcare providers could realistically exceed $100 billion just one year from now.


Hillary Clinton's email situation likely cost her the presidential election, a serious personal cyber security problem. If she had engaged in proper security protocol, the breach would have never happened. Cyber security breaches in the past, on average, aren't nearly as severe as they are today. President Trump recently signed an executive order into action, in which America's digital highways and federal agencies' computer systems will implement beefed-up security measures.


PriceWaterhouseCooper is a global accounting firm that deals heavily in creating and evaluating information systems for businesses to store their valuable, confidential data. Usually shortened to PwC, the firm carried out the 2017 Global State of Information Security Survey earlier this year. Of the international corporations, big-time businesses, and well-established financial institutions that responded to its survey, an alarming 59% of those organizations indicated that the necessary reliance on digital information systems has significantly increased their security budgets.


Without raising the amount of resources pumped into organizational, institutional, and personal cyber security, more and more people are likely to experience hefty financial losses, not to mention embarrassment if criminals found pictures, videos, documents, or other media not meant to be shared with many others, if not kept to their rightful owners indefinitely.


Rubica is a provider of mobile, desktop, and tablet cyber security services that prevents hard-working Americans from having their financial information, personal digital belongings, and other items of value destroyed or stolen by criminals.


This leading cyber security app was crafted just one year ago by Roderick Jones. Unsurprisingly innovated in the San Francisco Bay Area, the nation's - if not the entire world's - epicenter of wildly successful companies, of which Rubica is no exception. Most outdated security devices aren't able to fully protect their users from incoming attacks, unlike Rubica.


The Bay Area's own leading cyber security app doesn't require users to constantly fiddle with its interface, manually responding to potential attacks that they likely aren't familiar with. Rubica operates in the background of all smartphones, computers, and tablets they're installed, providing unmatched convenience.


Rather than searching for particular malware or viruses, this app works by detecting outliers in web browsing and device usage patterns. When these anomalies are detected, Rubica's 24/7 security staff quickly intervenes, preventing any possible damage from taking place.


Rubica helps boost personal cyber security by utilizing a virtual private network, or VPN. These tools prevent data packets containing personal, sensitive data from being transmitted to any public wifi router or filtering device used to take in innocent users' information. By implementing Rubica, Internet providers aren't able to detect your browsing history, either, providing an unmatched, ultimate security experience.

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